Here at Best football Stars we help great footballers to achieve their potentials and to maximize their financial capability throughout their career. Trust, belief and passion are the core of our service and professionalism is the crown of our daily routine. We also have a sound contract negotiation skill and a high level of industry expertise. Our clients experience superb management services, as well as vast exposure to industry and corporate contacts to ensure success and financial prosperity. We take pride in our ability to offer the highest level of services unmatched by any other within the business while ensuring that our clients experience an elite level of negotiations.

With us, there is a great opportunity for athletes to transcend their popularity, visibility and resources into areas far greater than athletic endeavors. In challenging each client to recognize their unique position and maximize long-term possibilities. The key to long term successful career management begins with an establishment of close, personal relationships between our staff, clients and their families. These relationships allow us to help our clients achieve their career goals and maximize their financial opportunities.

We are talking about identifying your interests and skills to develop a game plan that will profit you for the rest of your life. Professional sports careers are short lived and playing a game for a living is a privilege and not a right. Very little is guaranteed in life, thus you need to have a Backup plan so you're prepared to make a smooth transition into your next career once your football career ends. Partner with us and we guarantee you of a satisfying carrier.

Our Services Include with our Partners:

  • Long-Term Career Management
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Interview Preparation
  • Marketing and Endorsement Opportunities
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Financial Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Banking Relationships
  • Insurance Needs
  • Tax Preparation/Consulting
  • Website Creation/Management